Ruslan Kotev

Statement & Selected Exhibitions

I am a London based artist and my work consists of both abstract and figurative paintings composed in solid structures and powerful colours. My paintings have been exhibited in various London galleries. I have also produced a body of etchings two of which are held by the V&A collection of prints.

In my paintings I explore the source of light and the richness of colour to create a space - inspired by the sea, coast, natural formations or ancient towns – where the ambiguity of emotions can find its full expression. Nothing is definite or finite. Forms appear as if from deep inside the canvas and then gradually dissipate into pools of colour. The contours and limits are relative. Each work represents a visual unity of space, darkness and light. 


Selected Exhibitions

  •      2012            New Paintings, Hepsibah Gallery
  •      2010            Angels, A&D Gallery, London
  •      2009            Hepsibah Gallery, London 
  •      2008            First annual Cork Street Open exhibition       
  •      2004            On the Wall, Art Fair in Olympia 
  •      1999            Pastel Society Annual Exhibition, The Mall Gallery
  •      1999            National Print Exhibition, The Mall Gallery                        
  •      1998, 1996  Mini Print International, Cadaques, Spain 
  •      1996            Etchings at Galerie Michelle Brouta, Paris

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